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B & B Artisan Crafts Centre is a showroom dedicated to the promotion of the unique handicrafts of Borneo. With the unique wood resources of Borneo, coupled with the excellent craftsmanship of our teammates, we dare not say that it’s ingenious, but we put together the beautiful wood created by the creator, skilfully crafted to present the unique wood grain of this tropical rain forest heritage.

In order to enhance the cultural richness and diversity, we have identified the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau as the connecting point. This place is located at a juncture of low-latitude and high-altitude, and is affected by monsoon climate to form a plateau block with a minor temperature fluctuation of the seasons. This integrates with the world's second largest and oldest tropical rainforest – Borneo, to bring out some of its beautiful culture and special products to the world.

In the early days of the establishment, we brought to you a long history of Pu'er tea culture, coupled with the rich & smooth coffee culture of the Yunnan Plateau, blended in with handicrafts from Borneo, blooming in harmony. We strongly believe that the pursuit of beauty is the common longing of mankind, and it is the original calling enshrined deep in human soul. B & B Artisan Crafts Center sincerely invites everyone to visit our shop or browse the website to enjoy this wonderful cultural heritage together.



在这创馆初期,我们为大家带来了历史悠久的普洱茶文化,以及云南高原的醇厚咖啡文化, 与来自婆罗洲的手工艺品碰撞,绽放出和谐的光芒。 我们坚信追求美好是人类共同的期望,是造物主放在人类心灵深处的原始呼唤,婆罗洲的祝福文化馆诚挚邀请大家亲临本店或浏览网站,共同来欣赏这奇妙的文化遗产。

About Us - 关于我们

B&B Artisan Crafts Center, is a team of people with similar missions to promote faith and gospel through various forms of handicrafts. We believe that through arts and scripts, faith and the gospel can be communicated clearer. The core of our craftsmanship is not primarily about the craft itself, but instead to promote the fear of God and the love of the creator.


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