*免责声明: 所有婆罗洲原木产品都有其自然及独特的价值。大家可自行考察,市场上再没有相同的产品。在此,我们以先到先得的方式出售这些产品。如果您选择的产品已经卖出了,恳请联系我们,我们将为您提供更好的产品供您考虑。

*Disclaimer: All these products are unique in their natural way. Please note that there are no two identical products in the market. We sell these products on first come first serve basis. In case the product of your choice is no longer available, we're more than please to offer you a better piece for your consideration.

Unique Borneo Wooden Art Crafts - 婆罗洲独特的木材艺品

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