• 婆罗洲@祝福

    Blessed Borneo Artisan Crafts Center is a showroom dedicated to promoting handicrafts with characteristics of Borneo. Based on the unique wood resources of Borneo and the superb craftsmanship of our colleagues, we dare not say that we are ingenious, but we have put the beautiful wood created by the creator to decompose and preserve the unique texture of this tropical rainforest.


  • In order to increase the richness and diversity of the cultural center, we have identified the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau as the object of our handover. The low-latitude, high-altitude, and affected by monsoon climate have formed a plateau block with a small temperature difference in the four seasons. The world's second largest and oldest tropical rainforest combines, bringing some of its beautiful culture and special products to everyone to enjoy together.


  • In the early days, we brought you a long history of Pu'er tea culture, the mellow coffee culture of the Yunnan Plateau and the pleasant Yunnan hand drum music colliding with handicrafts from Borneo, blooming a harmonious light. We firmly believe that the pursuit of beauty is the common expectation of mankind, and it is the original call of the creator deep in the human soul. Blessed Borneo Artisan Crafts Center sincerely invites everyone to visit our shop or browse the website to enjoy this wonderful cultural heritage together.


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